Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have to tell this funny story about Scrappy. He is the ugliest, crustiest, disguting mutt around and I so love him.
Last night, after I came home, I went up to our bedroom. There was Scrappy with an empty bag of cough drops he had torn open and eaten. I found empty wrappers on the floor and outside.
Scrappy was on a sugar high! He tore around the house, jumped up and down, raced in out the doggie door, and tried to kiss me.
Later, after we went to bed and turned off the light, Scrappy crunched on another cough drop. He must have had one squirreled away.

Tuesday After Christmas

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. So much has happened. The office move is over. Christmas is over. Everything is quiet now. I am reflecting on my New Year's resolutions. I started to reorganize my stash and I am humbled. I am talking about my projects other than quilting! I so wish I had the time to work on them. I think I should seriously consider not purchasing anymore! Even at the thrift stores!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday with Black Friday

It was soooo nice having a 4 day weekend.
Thanksgiving day was spent cleaning ( I am still organizing all my quilting and other stash stuff like yarn). I made oyster stew and salad for our holiday dinner. Eggnog ice cream made a great dessert. I gave Scrappy and Lily peanutbutter frosty paws. Lily ate the whole thing - paper and all. Scrappy took a few licks and decided it was d-o-g ice cream and waited by his bowl for the real stuff.
Up at 3 am for Black Friday. What fun. Went to the outlets, WalMart in Camden, Delaware, JoAnn's & Toys-R-Us in Dover. Ended up at Dover Downs playing Texas Tea and Double Dragons. Only lost 79 cents. Saturday I made the thrift store rounds. My best buys: 25 cents for Ken Follet's "World Without End" and $2 & $4 Christmas wreaths that originally came from the Country Peddler.
Sunday was spent doing more cleaning and some quilting. Watched some of the Ravens game and 60 minutes.