Saturday, November 22, 2014

What I have been done or doing

Some days it feels like I do not get anything accomplished. Eventually the projects come together and I can see a finish or progress. This is some of what I did in November.

Mary Beth's friend had a preemie baby boy so I made a self binding blanket, matching burp cloth, stripped hat, and then a matching hat.
I made this adorable pillowcase for Barrett. It is new pattern I learned at Peggy's Sewing Center. I love the different color for the back and the hidden cuff.
Mary Beth wanted me to knit boot cuffs for her. She sent me the link for the pattern and the color. I just finished them last night.
Hot off the longarm. Now I need to square up and sew the binding. This goes to New York.
I started a dog sweater  for Buddy. It has been record breaking cold for November and Buddy gets his coat clipped.
More pillowcases made from leftovers using the new pattern. I want to finish today.
I got one of Anne Marie Christmas ornaments put together. I am working on the others.
I love Blue Heron chenille yarn! I am knitting this scarf  at my knit group - the Little Purls
So, this should keep me out of too much trouble.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bad Barbara

My badness started at 5:00 am with an online purchase of am Accuquilt Go. I have wanted one for along time. Then, Quilt in a Day had some great specials. While I was on the computer, I thought I would check out Handi Quilter to see if they had posted its prostitcher retreat schedule for 2015. It was posted and booked the first one.
I had planned a trip to look at the leaves changing color and to visit Boonsboro. On the same day as my on-line purchases, AJ, Buddy and I drove out to western Maryland.
First stop was Patches and I bought a spool of thread. Second stop at White Swan shop, I purchased some needles and 3 fat quarters in the clearance bin. Third shop -- Wilson's -- I bought a sewing machine! When I walked in I had no intention to do that. I was lured in by the fantastic price.
Traditions at White Swan Purchase
My Quilt in a Day Purchases
My new Designer Ruby!!!!!
$8 Purchase

Friday, October 24, 2014

What I Have Been Working On This Past Month

                        Here is a quick up date on some of my stuff I have finished or trying to finish.
I finished this quilt for AJ! I am sewing on the binding

Pillowcases for the boys

Added the borders

Finished this pillow -- adding to my patriotic theme in AJ's office

I actually finished quilting and put on the binding. I still need to had sew the binding

Getting them ready to quilt on DSM

Same here

And here

Dishcloths I knitted

Madison River scarf knitted from yarn I purchased in Chesapeake City.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

2015 UFO Challenge

I have joined next year's challenge at Peggy's Sewing Center! I have come up with 12 projects to finish. This was not a hard task since I have lots of UFOs. I just picked the one ones that were easy to find.
#1 Finish piecing entire top
#2 Finish piecing entire top
#3 Make the entire top
#4 Finish piecing entire top
#5 Finish piecing entire top
#6 Finish piecing entire top
#7 Finish quilting and put on binding
#8 Finish piecing entire top
#9  Finish piecing entire top
#10  Finish piecing entire top
#11  Finish piecing entire top
#12  Finish piecing entire top
This should keep me busy and out of trouble.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thrifting - Score

Everyone knows how I love a bargain. Here are some things I picked up since I have returned from Boston.
Brand new sewing basket
Inside a brand new magnetic pin cushion
Another sewing basket
Needles - hand made birch and rosewood
Books to add tom stash
Rowenta travel iron -- love it!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Two Trips to St. Michael's

AJ, Buddy, and I drove to St. Michael's recently - twice. AJ needed to order a new winder for his work boat. I had to make a stop in Frivolous Fibers. I purchased sock yarn and some Knitter's Pride crochet hooks.
Mary Beth has already claimed the yarn.
Next trip to St. Michael's to pick up the crab winder device included a stop a Blue Heron in Easton.
They have hand dyed yarn.
Chenille called Dusk.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Trip to Harford County

So I grew up in Harford County and attended St. Margaret's School and Bel Air High. Last Saturday AJ and I attended a family function at his sister's house in Fallston. I always make the trip plans so I can make some special stops. This time AJ had a happy surprise. When we stopped in Chesapeake City for lunch and a yarn shop visit, the Lion's Club had a car show.
My favorite one
Yarn shop -- Vulcan Rest
My purchase - 6 blossom street balls and sock yarn mabe from chitin of crabs -- in the clearance of course

Lunch -- I love when they have a meatloaf special
Next stop was in Aberdeen at the Bouncing Bobbins quilt shop -- my purchases
Last stop was in Bel Air -- JoAnn's for dishcloth yarn and knitting needles