Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

I love going to the thrift stores on Saturday mornings. This Saturday yeilded some great finds:
1 box of angora/wool yarn - 8 balls brown & 8 balls black. The balls were made in France for Lee Wards and are 1/4 oz each. All for $5.00.
I also found a FireWare bowl, 2 Creative Circle stretch & stitch bars, 4 novels, & a BH&G Crocheting and knitting book, table clamps to use for quilting, a package of rayon embroidery floss, a hand calligraphy picture mat, and a Williamsburg apple form. The total spent was less than $20.00.
Love it!
This afternoon is going to be spent taking down and putting away Christmas decorations, quilting, and some knitting later tonight.
Most important - RAVENS game at 4:30 - a must watch.

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