Friday, February 6, 2009

Watermen's Convention

This was the best day - January 24th.

AJ and I got up early and had breakfast at Jimmy's. Off to Rehoboth Beach for the outlets. I had to return some items to VF and do a little shopping. Next, we stopped in at Sea Needles in Bethany Beach. It is a yarn shop that sells different needlework. The lady inside gave me a pattern for slipper socks on size 5 dp needles. She was so helpful. After this sock purchase, I dropped off AJ at the Waterman's Convention in Ocean City. I drove back up to Fenwick Island and visited the yarn shop there. I bought size 2 16" circular needles and a "crab" cross stitch kit.

I brought my camera out when I hit the boardwalk at OC. The Salty Yarn shop did not have much yarn, but beautiful, beautiful needlework kits! I managed to purchase another crab crossstitch.

After the convention, AJ very kindly took me to Lewes to another yarn shop where I bought bulk sock yarn and some camo sock yarn made in Germany. AJ wanted to stop at tackle and bait shop which eventually we found. I went inside and started to look at the merchandise. Do you believe this! They sold salon products - Scruples - what a find.

After a quick grocery shopping at the WalMart in Seaford (where I found February's free quilt pattern), we went back to Jimmy's for a crab cake dinner.

Is this the perfect day or what!!!

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SchauerPuff said...

Hi mom, that really was a perfect day for you! I loved reading all about it and I even felt like I was there with you for a moment. I am so happy that I was able to visit those places while I was there.

Love you,