Friday, March 20, 2009

Back from Texas

I went to Texas for Spring Break! This is one of my most favorite trips. I did have a scare. I had a migraine so painful I lost my memory. Mary Beth took me to the emergency room and the doctor gave me a shot of some wonderful drug that put me into a deep sleep. When I woke up, the migraine was gone and there was a bandaid on my butt that I had no clue how it got there. Mary Beth said I was talking very loud. I asked the doctor - when I wake up, will I be skinnier and when I wake up, will have less wrinkles, and (my favorite), when I wake up will I look like Angelina Jolie!Oh, I swore I was Amish. I do not remember any of this.

The weather was cold and it rained almost the whole time. But this did not stop us from having fun. I played with Brice. We went to Grapevine Mall, Central Market, and to an Arlington Mall where Mary Beth and Brice went ice skating. We shopped in Stephenville.

I can't wait until I go back this fall.

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