Friday, October 15, 2010

Texas Trip - August

I know, I know, I am really behind in my posts. I am going to try to update each week starting with my trip to Texas in August. It was a fantastic trip despite the heat. I was fascinated with the Texas size spiders. Too bad they did not eat all the grasshoppers that were in the yard.

I got to go to Brice's school - Huckabee - a small central school like the one my children attended in New York and like the one where I taught junior & senior high school science.
I almost jumped out of Mary Beth's truck to go to the administrative office and apply for a job teaching physics. But alas, it would be a long way to commute from the eastern shore.

I love all the horses - especially little Lucky.

Mary Beth, Brice and I went to the San Marcos outlets and spent the afternoon shopping. Brice likes clothes that are "fashionable and random." Here he is wearing his grandfather's golf hat from Germany. I love it.

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