Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Year

I can not believe it is 2012. The start of the this new year has been hectic. I have managed to get quite a bit of quilting done.                              
My Mom's table runner:-

Working on my Trip Around the World:-
I have added to my thrift store finds. A Buffalo sweater with tags:-
And a host of other goodies, including a Thimbleberries book, some knitting needles, and a Lenox  bowl for my vanity:-

Scrappy has turned a new leaf. The old Scrappy stayed up in the Big Bed all day. The new Scrappy enjoys lounging around in the family room keeping us company. He loves that RAVENS pillow:-

1 comment:

donnaquilt said...

you always score such great thrift finds! i really must give that shot someday soon...and Scrappy is adorable. What a sweet face!

How difficult/tedious has that Trip Around the World quilt been? I've always admire that pattern but never been brave enough to try it. I'm so sure I'd get the colors all in the wrong order. Since you're obviously succeeding, please tell us how it went!