Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Tips for the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

I started to make these 61/2" blocks last November. They are addictive!. I bought the book with a 40% coupon at the JoAnn store in 7 Corners VA. I bought 3 sets of Marti Michel templates on eBay (don't bother with these). I pulled out a container of scraps and decided to make the blocks with all the same background (less decisions that way).
First, I printed out a set of templates that I found in the files of a yahoo group. Then I went through the book and photocopied all the easy blocks. I try to match my fabric with the colors in the photos. So if the picture shows background, brown and blue, I pull fabric that is brown & blue from my stash. Again, this makes for less decisions.

I use three rulers: Fons&Porter Half and Quarter, an Omnigrid 3" x 9", and a 61/2" square ruler.
I find the templates that are used in the block in my printed template master. I measure the width strip I need with my ruler. Then I cut the # pieces I need.
So far this method has worked for 30 blocks!

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