Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cape Cod Trip

Our first Saturday trip was Cape Cod. Anne Marie, Thomas, and I packed a lunch for the beach.
First stop was the Water Street Cafe in Plymouth for breakfast.
We parked in front of this house.

Plymouth Rock

The harbor -- I love how the boats are moored.

This is a replica of the Mayflower

Next stop was the Jo Ann fabric store where I bought baskets and thread for $5. It took us awhile to get to our beach destiny with a stop at Snow's Home and Garden Center and another stop at the Yarn Basket. ( I love that the owner tossed me the yarn I wanted to purchase!)

Finally, Head of the Meadows Beach.

This lab enjoyed the water and I enjoyed watching her.

At the top of the path, you could see all the dunes.

Too late! We read about the shark alert as we were leaving.
We decided to do some more exploring and took a side trip to the Highland Lighthouse. The area was under going preparations for a wedding.
Awesome lighthouse -- I could live there.

That is Anne Marie and Thomas up top in the lantern room

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