Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quick Trip Home

My daughter had an interview in Syracuse this past weekend and I was able to slip home for a few days. On the way home from the airport, I made my usual stop at the thrift store on Ritchie Highway:-
I purchased a set of 3 mixing bowls in my pattern
I added 3 quilting books to my stash
Snatched  up a magazine and cross stitch pamphlet 
 It was just as cold home as it was in Boston.
Waves frozen  
The river is frozen all the way across. 
Buddy went the groomer's. We followed guinea hens all the way up the driveway to the door.
Let us in -- cold out here
Then we went over to Dover to shop at Bylers and to go the Amish quilt store.
Delaware Amish buggies are very different from Lancaster buggies.
Finally, on Saturday, I was able to piece a little. I crocheted the spindle doily and replaced the original toe pedal with a new foot pedal. 
I am working of a QID scrap quilt from Tales of First Ladies.

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