Friday, November 11, 2011

Thrifting on Kent Island

Last weekend I was home alone. I had fun flitting around to some of my favorite stores. First, I found a klutz glove at Tuesday Mornings for @$7. I think I need to wear one when using twister templates!
 I got a yarn fix for $8 at the Second Hand Rose shop. The yarn came from a shop in Ontario, Canada according to the business card that was in the bag. I put it in this basket I found a Living Waters Thrift store. It has that unusual slit.
 I love this find. The farm in NY has lots of old milk cans but none escaped with me. This one has my favorite Canadian geese painted on.
 I found some Winterberry to add to my collection.


Kristen said...

Hi there - since you are a sewer, a thrifter, and a Kent Islander, maybe you can give me a little guidance. I'm cleaning out my mom's sewing room (Dad still lives in the house, down Route 8 in Tower Gardens) and there are about 20-30 boxes of fabric, all apparel fabrics, not quilting fabrics. I have no idea what to do with it. She was a smoker and although I can't detect any smell in the room any longer since she's been gone over a year, I don't feel right selling fabric that came from a home with smoking. I'd like to give it away. There are also boxes worth of notions, probably at least 100 patterns, and books. Do you know of any program in that area that might take them all, preferably to benefit the less fortunate? I'd love it if there were a program which taught women to sew, or even a girl scout troop that wanted it all.

I'll probably list it on Craigslist - I don't want to cart it home to Virginia - but wanted to start with all the options I could think of first. You can email me at tenquilts [at] gmail if you'd like to respond privately. Thanks!

Barbara on the Eastern Shore said...

Hi Kristen,
I do not know of any programs. You could just donate it to one of the thrift stores. They will give you a receipt for the donation.