Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Progress

Here is what I have accomplished and purchased so far this month.

Totally organized what is here in front of the TV. Basket is now empty and upstairs!

Sized and laid out vintage log cabin blocks I pieced about 2 years ago
Pieced another row on AJ's Ravens quilt

Started a mistake rib scarf for Anne Marie (I finished her mitts but forgot to take a picture)
So last weekend I was home alone with Scrappy. I went to Easton on Saturday and got pretzels, red beet eggs, and a white cream filled donut at the Amish market. I dropped in JoAnn's and treated myself with a magazine and $2/yd fabric.

I stopped in Lilies of the Field and found Thimbleberries fabric on the clearance rack for $1.99/yd. I bought what was left on the bolt.
Sunday, I went to the knit along at the Island Yarn Boutique. I worked on Anne Marie's scarf. This yarn came home with me.
The two alpaca skeins were on sale.
So Monday, I am piecing at the kitchen table and I notice a bird going in and out of one of the houses. Do you notice the big hole. Some animal clawed the house trying to get in. I wanted to take the house down because it is so gross looking. I guess I will have to wait until the end of summer now.

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SchauerPuff said...


I love all of your photos....I get so excited to see what you have been working on.

BTW, I love that thick, creme/white yarn! So pretty!