Monday, November 17, 2008

At the ocean

Saturday was a perfect day. We drove down to the ocean.
I must admit, it was tough getting out of bed. A thunderstorm rolled through around 2:30 am. Of course, Lily was scared so we were up until everything calmed down. I was already awake since my shoulder was in pain again.
Anyways, despite a slow and rainy start, we arrived at Jimmy's for breakfast around 8:00 am. Let me tell you, the mini breakfast is not that "mini". Next was Lowes to buy my lighthouse bird feeder and then to the outlets where we shopped until we dropped. I was surprised at how crowded the stores were. AJ drove me to Rehoboth. The yarn store is not there anymore! Oh well, saved me from adding to my yarn stash. We parked and walked down to the beach. Did I mention that it was sunny and 70. Then we just had to have Thrasher fries! (Brian, it will be opened at Christmas.) Just as good, we each enjoyed a Kohr's vanilla & chocolate twister ice cream cone. Such a good and wholesome lunch.
The quilt shop at Lewes was calling and we drove over. AJ stayed in the car and snoozed while I purchased some sale fabric. I so want a flannel quilt kit they have!!! I restrained myself. Well, actually there are 2 0r 3 more kits I am coveting.
Even though we were so worn out, AJ drove down mainstreet and I bought flavored coffees in the little bakery. We drank them over at the canal so we could look at the boats.
The ride home proved to be longer than usual with dinner at Jimmy's and a stop at Roses. While I was in the store, AJ called my cell phone to inform me that it was pouring down rain, and he would be at the curb to pick me up.
Pitch black and raining hard and still AJ insisted there was a Hess gas station in Easton - not! But we tried to find it.
I emptied the car when we got home and crawled into be exhausted and completely happy. I love the ocean.

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