Friday, September 2, 2011

Earthquake, Evacuation, Hurricane, Migraine

Wow, what a time last week. Let me tell you, I was so scared during our earthquake. I was alone in the office and thought the building was imploding. I left early and it took me forever to get home. The metro was jammed pack, single tracked, and only going 15 mph. Th entire commute took over three hours!
Friday, I learned that I was under mandatory evacuation from Hurricane Irene. AJ picked me up early and when we got home, we started to get ready to leave. We finished our preparations Saturday morning and took off for the Strasburg Inn in PA. They allow dogs (thank goodness!) I was suprised how well Scrappy handled the trip. He loved the new big bed at the inn:
I packed one my flannel quilts so we would be cozy. Almost every room had a dog. Most guests had evacuated from New Jersey.  The whole affair wore Scrappy out and he slept all the way home.

No damage from Irene -- just clean up, putting things in order and waiting for Direct TV to fix the dish.


donnaquilt said...

we've never met and i only came across your blog a few months ago, but believe it or not you crossed my mind last week! my in-laws in Berlin stayed put while Irene rolled through, despite evacs going on around them; they came through fine. Somehow they managed not to feel the earthquake. My office in Beltsville felt it hard - we ended up leaving for the day. 7th floor in an earthquake: not fun. I heard about the problems getting out of DC; yikes. Glad all is well. We have friends up the road on the Sassafrass. They were out of touch for a goodly number of days, and had a tree come down, but seem to be okay.

Barbara on the Eastern Shore said...

I think we should have stayed put as well. But, I did get to buy more fabric!